Unusual homes with amazing bold design

Have you ever thought about what kind of home architects can design for themselves? Ubr.ua made a selection of 20 coolest houses, villas and mansions, where you want to live.

Russia against Turkey: who would win if war begins

Not long time ago, Erdogan has called Putin's friend, but after the unauthorized intervention of Moscow in the Syrian war everything dramatically changed. The incident of Russian Su-24 destruction by the Turkish army has led to deterioration in Russian-Turkish relations and put the two countries on the fine line of the war. Let's look at what could happen in the case of war between two countries. In our review you will be able to read about the military potential of the two countries, the number of armies and possible development of the situation.

Usual Venice in all its glory

For your attention there is a simple and romantic Venice, as it happens every day, is written by ubr.ua.

Yummy-yummy: 12 the world's best desserts

Contrary to popular belief, the dessert is an important part of a healthy diet. The main thing that sweets should not be not included in our daily diet. But from time to time to pamper yourself with something delicious is even very useful. Especially for the mood! With info portal procikave.com we will tell about traditional holiday desserts in different parts of the world.

The most interesting facts about the railroad

Such form of transport as trains made a real revolution in the world. The appearance of the train opened a lot of opportunities for a man. We want to introduce you to 12 most interesting facts about the railway transport, which you did not know before.

San Diego-Arizona - "Impossible Railroad"

At the turn of the 20th century, during the great era of railway development, every city on the west coast of the North American continent was in need of railway communication. That time San Diego was a small port city and entrepreneurs-fathers of the city decided, that the city needs a direct connection with its northern neighbor - Los Angeles. So it was decided to build a railroad San Diego – Arizona.

President billionaire: how Trump became a US leader

US President-elect Donald Trump won a crushing victory, and Clinton acknowledged her  defeat even before the official announcement of the results. Let us know the most interesting facts about the 45th US president, is informed by rbc.ru.

Countries where you can have a rest with a limited budget

There are many places where holiday are cheap enough. The most difficult to select in the list the country where the vacation will be interesting and memorable, according to newsyou.info.

This is interesting: 10 amazing facts about life in Vatican

Vatican City is one of the few tiny countries in the world. Its small size and uniqueness make the state be very interesting for tourists. We suggest you familiarize yourself with 10 facts about Vatican, which are mentioned by the website daypic.ru.

Great achievements of a small country: 10 Facts about Holland

Netherlands - this is an ambitious and developed country that makes the world stand still in awe. Why do all countries need to take it as an example, see below.

7 most amazing waterfalls in the world

Since ancient times, water is one of the things which you can watch forever. Falling water is an impressive sight that fascinates many people, but also makes them speechless for a few moments, according to fun.facenews.ua.

A long journey of diamonds: from dirty mines to social events

Renowned photographer Kadir van Lojze by help of these photos could show a long way of diamonds from the dirty mines of Africa, via the poor workshops of India, to the pampered women's necks and wrists in London, writes pixel.in.ua.

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