Royal wedding: best photos from the wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry

On May 19, the whole world was watching one of the most important events of the year - for the marriage ceremony of Megan Markle and Prince Harry. We suggest you look at photos of one of the most beautiful weddings in the world.

Neighbors who can open a branch of hell at home, 21 photos

All people, in fact, have neighbors, but not all of them are lucky. Are you lucky with your neighbors? Does it happen when at 2 a.m. a drunken neighbor starts cutting his lawn or at 4 a.m. a neighbor's bar of soap flies through the window? If this is not about you, then you are luckier than the heroes of our today's collection. 

Most beautiful wedding dresses of the Hollywood stars

The dress of the bride is always in the foreground. And almost all girls want to look like Hollywood stars. Let's see then, what dresses the most famous girls in the world wore for wedding.

People who were fooled by fate, 22 photos

In our life there are often such days when everything goes not according to plan. It happens that someone will spoil the photo or the younger sister will block the phone, after which it does not work for some time. You will not say anything terrible and you will be right, but it can spoil everything all day. The heroes of our photos are faced еhese problems, and we doubt that you want to take their place. 

Life in the USSR, as it was

The history of the USSR is controversial, but there are advantages and disadvantages at all times in the world history. People in the Soviet Union were mostly happy. Internet portal offers you to plunge into the happy moments of the Soviet life.

Women - is the best thing that happened to our world, 20 photos

We can talk a lot about women. They are all so mysterious, emotional and resourceful. Since old days men dedicated them poetry and songs, fought for their attention in tournaments and duels, committed feats and reckless acts.

US Navy Seamen are entertaining out of work, 20 photos

If you look at how the US Navy sailors spend their leisure time on the flight, you might think that serving in the Navy is a pleasure. In fact, this, of course, is not so and that is why seamen do not miss the slightest opportunity to relax and rest. Well, when they are allowed to swim near the ship, then a real holiday begins, is reported by

Work of famous actors before they became famous, 28 photos

Looking at celebrities, we sometimes forget that they are also people, and many of them were not always famous. Many famous actors had to work as cashiers, cleaners and waiters before getting on the red carpet. They believed in their dream and achieved success, is informed by

Celebrities with a modest lifestyle, 32 photos

Most of the rich and famous prefer to lead a luxurious lifestyle, but not all stars adhere to it. Some prefer a modest way of life, and their royalties are donated to charity or various interesting projects. spoke about celebrities who know the value of money.

How much does one day of a billionaire cost? 33 PHOTOS

The life of the rich and famous people is like a fairy tale. However, the amount they have to spend every day is horrifying. Wealthy people spend a day such sums, which most will not see in their entire life. Fabulous bills for housing, personal assistants and bodyguards - all cost thousands of dollars. talked about the daily spending of billionaires.

"Habits of millionaires" who earned their fortune by their own labor

Thomas Corley for 5 years studied the lifestyle of 177 millionaires, who by their own efforts earned their fortunes. "It is daily habits that make you successful people or losers," the writer concluded, plunging into the world of wealthy people, writes

The principles of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the most important personalities in the history of IT-technologies. He introduced several revolutionary proposals that changed the face of the whole industry. offers to familiarize with the principles that governed the Guru of Silicon Valley in his work.

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