How much does one day of a billionaire cost? 33 PHOTOS

The life of the rich and famous people is like a fairy tale. However, the amount they have to spend every day is horrifying. Wealthy people spend a day such sums, which most will not see in their entire life. Fabulous bills for housing, personal assistants and bodyguards - all cost thousands of dollars. talked about the daily spending of billionaires.

"Habits of millionaires" who earned their fortune by their own labor

Thomas Corley for 5 years studied the lifestyle of 177 millionaires, who by their own efforts earned their fortunes. "It is daily habits that make you successful people or losers," the writer concluded, plunging into the world of wealthy people, writes

The principles of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the most important personalities in the history of IT-technologies. He introduced several revolutionary proposals that changed the face of the whole industry. offers to familiarize with the principles that governed the Guru of Silicon Valley in his work.

Daily habits of a successful lady

Do you dream of being successful? Then you need to set goals and achieve them. Here are 10 habits that contribute to the success of any working lady.

Modern celebrities claiming the title of style icon

When talking about style icons, first of all the names of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe come to mind. It's no wonder, because they formed the ideal of female beauty, which still enjoys recognition. We at decided to choose the celebrities of our time, which amaze us with their bright personality and ability to emphasize this with the help of their wardrobe.

Celebrities who created a family with their fans

Each fan wants to marry his idol, and every fan is ready to give his soul to the devil for the night with his beloved star. Sometimes it comes to the wedding. It happens, of course, quite rarely. The site tells about extraordinary celebrity marriages.

Top 10 habits that make us unhappy

Usually, people do not notice when they are happy. But when a person is unhappy, he clearly sees and understands it. According to scientists, life circumstances are not always the ones which should be blamed; the case is in habits of the individual. Here are 10 habits of chronically unhappy people, which it’s better to refuse to make your lives better, according to

The most shocking subcultures in the world

Throughout the world there are teenagers who try to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes they do it with strange and sometimes shocking methods. Bright clothes and outrageous behavior - this is what unites all the subcultures of the world.

9 children-millionaires, who became famous at school

If a person is talented, it can be seen at an early age. Each of the children, which we describe, came up with the idea for the future earnings of their own! We will talk about nine schoolchildren, earned their first million in childhood.

Broken dreams: Top 10 models, who failed to conquer Hollywood

Despite the fact that the models have much in common with actresses, actually between these professions there is an abyss. Only a few can overcome this gap and become respected actresses in Hollywood. Today we want to announce the names of well-known models of the world who have tried themselves in the movie, but the triumph did not happen, is informed by

10 most beautiful wedding dresses of the Hollywood stars

Nothing at the wedding causes so many views as a bride's attire. If this is not a simple girl, but a Hollywood star, then her dress will uniquely attract the attention of the whole world. Therefore, we want to invite you to admire the most beautiful dresses of Hollywood stars, which are worthy of any bride's evaluation.

The highest paid racers of Formula 1

Portal The Richest presented its annual salary rating in Formula-1. Who of the pilots of Formula 1 earned the most in 2016?

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