Top 10 habits that make us unhappy

Usually, people do not notice when they are happy. But when a person is unhappy, he clearly sees and understands it. According to scientists, life circumstances are not always the ones which should be blamed; the case is in habits of the individual. Here are 10 habits of chronically unhappy people, which it’s better to refuse to make your lives better, according to

9 children-millionaires, who became famous at school

If a person is talented, it can be seen at an early age. Each of the children, which we describe, came up with the idea for the future earnings of their own! We will talk about nine schoolchildren, earned their first million in childhood.

Broken dreams: Top 10 models, who failed to conquer Hollywood

Despite the fact that the models have much in common with actresses, actually between these professions there is an abyss. Only a few can overcome this gap and become respected actresses in Hollywood. Today we want to announce the names of well-known models of the world who have tried themselves in the movie, but the triumph did not happen, is informed by

10 stars, who are not shy, that their breasts are not real

If celebrities decide to increase their breast, they rarely talk about it in the press. But there are exceptions. Website offers to see the 10 stars, who are not shy about the fact that their breasts are not real.

5 expensive weddings of oligarchs and their children

While most people save, hoping that the crisis will soon end, elite minority of the world proves that the Russians are not afraid of any sanctions or restrictions. Anew edition offers readers contemplate the richest weddings oligarchs and their descendants.

Life in the USSR, as it was

The history of the USSR is controversial, but there are advantages and disadvantages at all times in the world history. People in the Soviet Union were mostly happy. Internet portal offers you to plunge into the happy moments of the Soviet life.

10 stars of show business with the biggest earnings

Do you think that the most successful performers in the financial plan can only be young stars? In the ranking of the stars of show business, who earn more than others, there are "veterans" of industry. told who among musicians and performers received the largest incomes.

Happy to tears people of North Korea

Many of us believe that people from North Korea are unhappy and live like in prison. However, these photos show that in fact they are happy and celebrate any occasion, writes

10 richest people in Russia in 2016

Forbes has published an annual ranking of the world's billionaires. The submitted list included 77 representatives of Russia. That is less than in previous year for 11 people. Big business continues to incur losses due to the crisis in the economy, the collapse of oil prices and the sanctions war with the West.

Women who have devoted themselves to their husband's career

The well-known proverb says that if a man is a head, then woman is a neck. The truth of this proverb is confirmed by many wives who for long time have remained in the shadow of their husbands. Here is the list of women who raised their beloved to the pedestal of glory, writes

Celebrities, whose scandalous relationship ended in marriage

The relationship of celebrities always arouse the interest of society and if a known married man has a relationship on the side - it always ends with scandal. Very often, these relationships end quickly, but there are cases when a man marries his mistress. Such stories are rare, so we present you the couples of Hollywood, whose relationship began with the affair, according to

Arsenal owner bought a ranch

Stan Kroenke became the owner of the estate with cattle, horses and oil wells, writes

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