22 most interesting facts about Tesla Motors

In our time, electric cars are becoming more popular and no longer seem unbelievable. They are economical and do not harm the environment. But what else do we know about such machines? Here are 22 interesting facts about Tesla electric cars that you probably do not know.

Where is logic?! 22 photos

There are a lot of mysteries in our life, some of them are shown to us by books and films, but our life is the most entertaining. Very often, if something is going on around us that is not completely understandable, we would like to take a camera and capture what is happening, writes webtutorsliv.ml.

The best confectioneries in the world, 23 photos

Confectioneries - is a real paradise for sweet tooth. In these places cakes and a variety of chocolate sweets are born. The greatest recognition is enjoyed by French confectioners, but not only they are able to create masterpieces. Niklife.com.ua presents you the list of the best confectionery houses in the world.

40 stunning photos of wild animals that cause delight

The authors of some photos from this collection had to spend more than one hour (or even a day) to make for us the most beautiful shots from the life of wild animals. So, watch and enjoy: 40 stunning photos of animals from all over the world and the oceans that will enchant you.

Products that moms falsely consider useful

We all know from an early age that chips and fast food are harmful to our health. But there are products that most mothers consider useful, but it has been found that it is better to limit them in quantity, or completely eliminate them. The website deti.mail.ru made alist of products that are mistakenly considered useful for children.

Exquisite fragrances: the most expensive perfumes in the world

Each person differently manifests his individuality: some do it with the help of expensive watches, others - exclusive clothes, and some people choose perfume. A thin train of a favorite fragrance can emphasize masculinity or femininity, create a mood or be a business card of a person. In this material we will show 12 most expensive fragrances.

Unusual objects found during redecoration

Doing redecoration in the old house is not such a boring occupation, as it seems at first glance. In the collapsing walls and old wooden flooring, you can find something interesting. During redecoration you can find human remains or a suitcase with money. And this is not all that occurs when repairing old houses!

Top 10 fastest trains in the world

Since the invention of the railway more than one hundred years has passed. Rail transport has overcome a long evolutionary path of development. This collection presents 10 fastest trains that can reach speeds of more than 400 km per hour.

10 of the most unusual Nissan models

The history of the brand Nissan begins with the distant 1935, when the first passenger car Datsun was released. Many years have passed since that moment, and much has changed. We want to look deep into the history of the brand and outline the most bizarre models that have ever been released. These cars are not only the first cars from segment D, for which the CVT is installed, but also the world's first cars with a two-liter engine and such a gearbox. We present to you 10 most unique concept cars Nissan.

Lose weight properly: 10 most common myths about weight loss

Do you want to lose weight, but whatever you do, it does not bring results? We try to understand why this is happening. Here are 10 myths about sports and nutrition, which prevent losing weight.

Vivid roles: 13 best movie villains

Often the main villain in the film is a brighter and more impressive personality than a positive character. Villains have a vicious charm, they have difficult fates, so many sympathize them. But a bad guy is very hard to play well. Today we will tell about the most famous films villains.

10 most common myths about healthy lifestyles

Over the years there are inviolable rules of healthy living. There are rules that can be followed without question, but there are those that cause reasonable doubt. The website pixy.ru destroyed 10 of the most common myths that relate to your health. Science does not stand still. Every year scientists do new researches, experiments, put forward a new theory on nutrition, etc.

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