10 most common myths about healthy lifestyles

Over the years there are inviolable rules of healthy living. There are rules that can be followed without question, but there are those that cause reasonable doubt. The website pixy.ru destroyed 10 of the most common myths that relate to your health. Science does not stand still. Every year scientists do new researches, experiments, put forward a new theory on nutrition, etc.

The working environment: unrealistic cool offices

We tried to make our apartments and houses eautiful and comfortable as possible. But imagine working offices can be the same great. We'll tell you about 10 unrealistically cool offices, where you would like to live, according to igate.com.ua.

10 of the most amazing facts about beer

The beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and the third most popular drink after water and tea. According to statistics, every year a person in the world consumes 23 liters of this drink. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most interesting facts about beer.

A masterpiece of the era: Royal Residence of Bourbon Park

In the world there are many monuments of architecture masterpiece. But some creatures cause more than admiration. Confederate Park and the royal residence of the Bourbon dynasty were designed by the famous Luigi Vanvitelli. The complex is called the pearl of the Italian Baroque. The beauty of the park and the luxury of the interiors of palaces capture the imagination.

10 Smartphone applications, which makes life easier for moms

Modern Mom simply can not do without gadgets, which make life much easier: tablet, eReader, Smartphone. We selected 10 useful apps for moms which can become good helpers. You will now have the time for yourself!

How the company Tetra Pak was built and developed

Tetra Pak company for many years of its work became the absolute leader in the production of packaging and food processing. The specialists of this company created a number of important technologies for this industry.

How to play Pokemon GO: 15 tips for beginners

Mobile game Pokemon GO, released in early July, just in a few days has occupied the first places in Google Play and App Store. This application is used by children, teenagers, officials and politicians. We decided to help the beginners to understand the rules of the game. So, let's get started.

Transport of the future: top 10 ideas

Up-to-date cars can surprise with various advanced features: heated seats and built-in dispensers with ice. But in fact, these are small improvements, as in the near future it will be possible to enjoy quite a remarkable turnaround in the transport world, according to toprating.in.ua.

Denim jackets and other fashion trends of this year

Fashion changes very quickly. Until recently, designers have preferred delicate pastel tones, and now they recommend to dress brightly.

Architectural mistakes that cost lives of people

Architecture is a difficult industry, because even one small mistake can lead to the deaths of people. The website novate.ru collected 15 cases, when architectural mistakes took the lives of many people.

11 products that are highly addictive

Each person has individual eating habits. One can't live without sweets, the others don't imagine any day without coffee. However, it is worth remembering that everything is good in small quantities and if you start to notice that your habits harm your life, you should take decisive actions to eliminate them, so nevsedoma.com.ua writes.

10 little-known facts about Ferrari

The world famous Italian company has been producing first-class cars for 60 years, and over the years its reputation has only strengthened. In the modern world, Ferrari is the symbol of competition, status and speed. But despite the popularity of the brand, there are some facts that have been hidden before, informs novate.ru.

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