Funny pictures from the series "Master. Level God"

As they say, a talented person is talented in everything. If you put in doubt this fact, you should see kitchen, automotive and other "improvements" that were invented by characters of website.

Animals celebrate their birthday better than people

Who came up with the idea that only people can celebrate birthdays? We intend to prove you that animals can also celebrate their day of birth, and do it even better than humans. The website tells about such birthday parties: some animals do it more traditional, while others prefer a room with tennis balls or other gifts.

At home with dad: the funniest photos

Ordinary situation - dads are looking after their children. But for some reason the combination of "the father + the baby" constantly makes us smile. Such funny situations can occur only when mother isn't at home... 

10 spoiled wedding photos

Modern photographers offer a lot creative ideas for wedding photo shoots. We present you a selection of wedding photos that show how not to shoot, writes

13 funny wedding photos

Some couples when planning a wedding dream to make it unique and unforgettable. But sometimes creative ideas turn into a bad comedy, where the main roles belong to the bride and groom, writes

A collection of hopelessly spoiled pictures

These unique photos have a "twist" that makes them funny, but at the same time precious, writes

13 crazy photos

Photos, that will make you speechless and you'll have a single question: how? Material is prepared by

The most absurd traffic laws

Each country has its own traffic rules, but there are some that may surprise, writes


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