The world famous Italian company has been producing first-class cars for 60 years, and over the years its reputation has only strengthened. In the modern world, Ferrari is the symbol of competition, status and speed. But despite the popularity of the brand, there are some facts that have been hidden before, informs

Mobile game Pokemon GO, released in early July, just in a few days has occupied the first places in Google Play and App Store. This application is used by children, teenagers, officials and politicians. We decided to help the beginners to understand the rules of the game. So, let's get started.

Have you ever thought about what kind of home architects can design for themselves? made a selection of 20 coolest houses, villas and mansions, where you want to live.

While most people save, hoping that the crisis will soon end, elite minority of the world proves that the Russians are not afraid of any sanctions or restrictions. Anew edition offers readers contemplate the richest weddings oligarchs and their descendants.

Over the years there are inviolable rules of healthy living. There are rules that can be followed without question, but there are those that cause reasonable doubt. The website destroyed 10 of the most common myths that relate to your health. Science does not stand still. Every year scientists do new researches, experiments, put forward a new theory on nutrition, etc.

Not long time ago, Erdogan has called Putin's friend, but after the unauthorized intervention of Moscow in the Syrian war everything dramatically changed. The incident of Russian Su-24 destruction by the Turkish army has led to deterioration in Russian-Turkish relations and put the two countries on the fine line of the war. Let's look at what could happen in the case of war between two countries. In our review you will be able to read about the military potential of the two countries, the number of armies and possible development of the situation.

Forbes has published an annual ranking of the world's billionaires. The submitted list included 77 representatives of Russia. That is less than in previous year for 11 people. Big business continues to incur losses due to the crisis in the economy, the collapse of oil prices and the sanctions war with the West.

Tetra Pak company for many years of its work became the absolute leader in the production of packaging and food processing. The specialists of this company created a number of important technologies for this industry.

Contrary to popular belief, the dessert is an important part of a healthy diet. The main thing that sweets should not be not included in our daily diet. But from time to time to pamper yourself with something delicious is even very useful. Especially for the mood! With info portal we will tell about traditional holiday desserts in different parts of the world.

Such form of transport as trains made a real revolution in the world. The appearance of the train opened a lot of opportunities for a man. We want to introduce you to 12 most interesting facts about the railway transport, which you did not know before.

At the turn of the 20th century, during the great era of railway development, every city on the west coast of the North American continent was in need of railway communication. That time San Diego was a small port city and entrepreneurs-fathers of the city decided, that the city needs a direct connection with its northern neighbor - Los Angeles. So it was decided to build a railroad San Diego – Arizona.

It is difficult to find a person who did not hear about the shrines and sights of Israel. Nevertheless, this country is fraught with a lot of interesting things. We tried to collect for you the most interesting facts about Israel. Here are 30 of them.

The life of the rich and famous people is like a fairy tale. However, the amount they have to spend every day is horrifying. Wealthy people spend a day such sums, which most will not see in their entire life. Fabulous bills for housing, personal assistants and bodyguards - all cost thousands of dollars. talked about the daily spending of billionaires.

If a person is talented, it can be seen at an early age. Each of the children, which we describe, came up with the idea for the future earnings of their own! We will talk about nine schoolchildren, earned their first million in childhood.

The beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and the third most popular drink after water and tea. According to statistics, every year a person in the world consumes 23 liters of this drink. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most interesting facts about beer.

Stores have such a rich variety of different bike manufacturers that sometimes it is difficult to make a choice. Therefore, we offer you 10 of the best proven cycling brands.

Usually, people do not notice when they are happy. But when a person is unhappy, he clearly sees and understands it. According to scientists, life circumstances are not always the ones which should be blamed; the case is in habits of the individual. Here are 10 habits of chronically unhappy people, which it’s better to refuse to make your lives better, according to

Vatican City is one of the few tiny countries in the world. Its small size and uniqueness make the state be very interesting for tourists. We suggest you familiarize yourself with 10 facts about Vatican, which are mentioned by the website

Despite the fact that the models have much in common with actresses, actually between these professions there is an abyss. Only a few can overcome this gap and become respected actresses in Hollywood. Today we want to announce the names of well-known models of the world who have tried themselves in the movie, but the triumph did not happen, is informed by

The site madee a rating of 10 most expensive apartments in the world. Looking at these photos, even quite wealthy people can envy, because the cost of these apartments goes off for dozens and hundreds of millions of dollars.