Before you dare to change your appearance, you should think if the results worth your expectations. Here are images of people who have tried to change their appearance, as they thought to the better.

The history of the USSR is controversial, but there are advantages and disadvantages at all times in the world history. People in the Soviet Union were mostly happy. Internet portal offers you to plunge into the happy moments of the Soviet life.

Thanks to the efforts of historians and ethnographers, we know the history of most nations of the world. However, there are peoples whose history still holds many unsolved mysteries, writes

Ordinary situation - dads are looking after their children. But for some reason the combination of "the father + the baby" constantly makes us smile. Such funny situations can occur only when mother isn't at home... 

Most hotels have their own swimming pools, but there are swimming pools with breathtaking views. Such pools certainly can be called the most beautiful, according to

What do we know about the most southern and the coldest desert on the planet? What hides Antarctica beneath its ice? Based on the materials of we have prepared for you 25 little-known facts about Antarctica.

Every nation has its own customs and rituals that have developed historically. But the traditions of some tribes of New Guinea not everyone can understand. We suggest you look at the shocking facts about the traditions of the Papuans, published by the website informant.

There are a lot expensive materials in the world. They have different origin and some of them are created by people. Here you can read about 18 the most expensive materials, prepared by

Many of us believe that people from North Korea are unhappy and live like in prison. However, these photos show that in fact they are happy and celebrate any occasion, writes

The relationship of celebrities always arouse the interest of society and if a known married man has a relationship on the side - it always ends with scandal. Very often, these relationships end quickly, but there are cases when a man marries his mistress. Such stories are rare, so we present you the couples of Hollywood, whose relationship began with the affair, according to

Who came up with the idea that only people can celebrate birthdays? We intend to prove you that animals can also celebrate their day of birth, and do it even better than humans. The website tells about such birthday parties: some animals do it more traditional, while others prefer a room with tennis balls or other gifts.

Even the mention of prison causes negative emotions. But in the world there are also prisons, in which prisoners feel like in the resort. Here is the selection of photos of the Norwegian prison, which due to detention conditions is more like a resort.

The United Kingdom is a unique and paradoxical country. On the photo exhibition "The ideals of life: photographing a class, culture and identity in modern Britain" the realities of British life have been shown - from punk to protesters, who gathered on the streets. By these striking images you can explore the habits and occupations of British society, writes

For the first time the Black Sea was mentioned in documents that are dated back to the V century BC. It is known that Jason and the Argonauts held their way by the Black Sea to Colchis in search of the Golden Fleece, writes

This is vibrant and multicultural country with many different ethnic groups, located in the southern hemisphere, where summer lasts from December to February. Here is the selection of the most unusual facts about this country, writes

Some restaurants are located in such charming locations that despite the excellent cuisine and great service, you'll totally forget about the food and will enjoy the beauty of nature, writes

Unique invention of Chinese manufacturer - the world's largest drone with space for passengers, aroused great interest among the visitors of the exhibition CES 2016. The prototype of the aircraft that will be used as a taxi, was called Ehang 184 and was designed just for one passenger and a small luggage, writes

In post-Soviet countries there are traditions that are known by almost every one of us since childhood. They are not deadly, but also don't strengthen health, writes

Few people don't know the name of the great martial artist Bruce Lee. This brilliant man managed to show the world how to control the body and what does it matter. And of course, don't forget about the wonderful movies with Bruce, that became very popular. Today offer 5 most interesting facts about Bruce Lee.

This country has become one of the favorite holiday destinations among tourists. The island attracts with charming beaches, cozy hotels, ancient temples and jungles inhabited by various wild animals. Here are 10 interesting facts about this amazing place of our planet, writes

Up-to-date cars can surprise with various advanced features: heated seats and built-in dispensers with ice. But in fact, these are small improvements, as in the near future it will be possible to enjoy quite a remarkable turnaround in the transport world, according to

Architecture is a difficult industry, because even one small mistake can lead to the deaths of people. The website collected 15 cases, when architectural mistakes took the lives of many people.

Each person has individual eating habits. One can't live without sweets, the others don't imagine any day without coffee. However, it is worth remembering that everything is good in small quantities and if you start to notice that your habits harm your life, you should take decisive actions to eliminate them, so writes.

The well-known proverb says that if a man is a head, then woman is a neck. The truth of this proverb is confirmed by many wives who for long time have remained in the shadow of their husbands. Here is the list of women who raised their beloved to the pedestal of glory, writes

Do you think that the most successful performers in the financial plan can only be young stars? In the ranking of the stars of show business, who earn more than others, there are "veterans" of industry. told who among musicians and performers received the largest incomes.